Full of Action.

Refining the best quality with the best knowledge is our shared goal.

Peter Erben, master violin maker/managing director  – founded Erben violin-making workshop. He has been making violins, violas, cellos and viols for 40 years, and has also developed an unmistakable style that is known beyond the borders of Germany.

» New Instruments
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Martin Erben, master violin maker/managing director – has the ability to immerse himself in the soul of an instrument. He gives both instruments in need of restoration and also professional violins their multi-layered sound (back).

» Restoration & sound adjustment


Ruben Defendi, assistant violin maker/workshop manager – is not only an artist in his job. Privately, he paints and plays music, and allows his creativity and his love of perfection to flow into the instruments entrusted to us every day.

» Repairs and sound adjustment


Lisa Glass, assistant violin maker – loves music and her job, like all of us, and takes care of our select range of bows with a keen eye for detail.


Daniel Lipkanov, assistant violin maker – has played the violin himself for many years and supports our team with his professional knowledge. Calm and focussed, he carries out careful repairs and looks after our rental instruments.

» Rental instruments


Anne Erben, accounting – keeps precise accounts and makes sure the figures are in check.


Susanne Ruland, team assistant – takes care of behind-the-scenes work and communicates with clients daily from 9.30 am to 1 pm. She looks after the different office tasks, prepares photos, instrument & bow reports and supervises our mmStachel cello endpin system.


Heon Woo Kim, Director of the Erben Music Festival (EMF) – is not only an excellent violinist, but also an outstanding organizer with the talent to bring people together. He organises and directs the Erben Music Festival.

» Erben Music Festival


Besides German, we also speak fluent Italian, Russian and English.