Restauration & Repair.

The instruments that come to us are works of art.
Our task is to maintain them and bring out the ideal in terms of their sound.

In our violin-making workshop, we combine extensive experience and diverse knowledge of a wide range of repair methods. Our studies at such renowned and award-winning workshops as Hill & Sons (London), Bruce Carlson (Cremona) and Marcel Richters (Vienna) form our foundation here. Over the years, we have not only perfected our skills, but have also found our own ways of gently restoring instruments while maintaining their value and materials.

Preservation, the original intention and style of the creator and respect for the instrument take priority. With knowledge of the various schools of instrument making, their history and their working methods, we repair and restore even the most valuable violins, violas and cellos. Without visible interventions, we allow them to unfurl their very own beauty and give them back their sound.

Examples of our work, including on the cracked rib of an Antonio Stradivari, can be found in our impressions.

Beyond this, we are known and loved for our detailed quotations – and for keeping to them.


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