Full sound.

Music comes from the soul:
the soul of the musician, the instrument and, right at the start, the violin maker.

The name Erben represents a long tradition in violin making: many branches of the family tree are associated with making instruments. In our master workshop in Munich, we, father and son, have been repairing and manufacturing classic string instruments for over 40 years. A love of music, of our artistic and deeply sensual profession, as well as a delight in quality and precision characterise us both in equal measure. Over 300 masterpieces have been created over recent decades; characterful companions for musicians. Each of them has a unique voice. The soul of the violin is its voice.


» The soul of the violin is its voice. «


Sound, playability, consistency, responsiveness and colour brilliance – attention is paid to every little detail in our violin-making workshop. A sense of sound, intuition, feelings and experience, of musicians, of colleagues, they all flow into our work and become part of timeless masterpieces. Handcutted bridges, specially developed models for the instruments based on great examples, and a very distinct style have been created over time. Always with one goal: getting close to perfection.

Peter & Martin Erben, master violin makers