New Instruments.

„I have been looking for the perfect sound all my life – with every single instrument!”
Peter Erben, master violin maker

Peter Erben makes eight to ten instruments per year: violins, violas, cellos or viols. Over the last 40 years, more than 300 masterpieces have been created, valuable and reliable companions for people whose job and passion is music. Highly skilled craftsmanship, perfect and precise interaction between all components and attention to every detail, which always has an influence on the instrument as a whole, characterises Peter Erben’s work. Based on historic examples, combined with professional and artistic freedom, he has developed his very own style over the course of his work.

For the top of his instruments, he exclusively uses carefully matured spruce wood from the Latemar in South Tyrol – which he chops down himself in winter under a waning moon according to a tradition that has been passed down. Felled at the right time, the particularly slow and evenly growing woods are insensitive to dry cracks and are wonderfully consistent in terms of sound. The backs of our violins, cellos, violas and viols are made from old Bosnian maple, wonderfully fine-grained.

At the same time, Peter Erben is always looking for a sound that is warm, voluminous and strong. The aim is a sound that can be modulated easily, that offers the musician great freedom of expression and that allows plenty of space for feelings. Each action has a goal: fulfilling this sound ideal and achieving the best.


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