Selecting the ideal accessories is crucial for comfortable playing and a characterful sound.

We offer everything you need for your violin, viola or cello. A great deal of attention is paid to a high level of quality and also regionality when selecting your accessories.


Our beautiful selection of cases is diverse. We obtain them from reputable quality manufacturers such as GEWA from Germany, Riboni from Italy and Bam from France.

The extensive range of the finest strings is filled by Pirastro, Germany, Thomastik Infeld, Austria and Larsen, Denmark.

Chin rest
The best in our eyes: chin rests from Tempel or Wilfer, both from Germany.

Shoulder rests
An extraordinarily wide range from around the world awaits you. The right rest can even provide relaxation and alleviate back problems.

In 2017, we took over production from Memminger Stachel. As a result, you can now also purchase these outstanding cello and bass endpins made from carbon, stainless steel and titanium from us. You can find more information and a place for your orders at:

Handmade covers from fine fabrics for instruments and bows