Violin from J.B. Guadagnini, Parma, 1765
Scholarship holder of the Anne-Sophie-Mutter-Stiftung

Sonja Korkeala violin, Gerhard Urban violin, Martin Wandel viola, Clemens Weigel violoncello
Clemens Weigel (friend and cellist) plays, among other things, a cello from Peter Erben.
Concert series in the Max-Joseph-Saal in Munich

Repair gallery

Violist and viola professor

Antonio Stradivari violin, "Ex-Busch", 1716
Has his bows and violins repaired with us

For 500 years, it served as a roof beam in Munich’s Frauenkirche, for 50 years it was in storage in the uplands region, and now it is being used to create a cello. The Munich-based violin maker Peter Erben is producing an instrument worth 28,000 euros for a chassis engineer.


Violinist and composer
Violin from Peter Erben

conductor, violinist and violin professor, and long-standing customer

Violinist and violin teacher

late bassist (1920 - 2003)
Author of a contrabass textbook published by Doblinger-Verlag,
during his lifetime a customer of Peter Erben

Repair gallery

Repair gallery

Violinist and good friend
Antonio Stradivari violin, “Ex-Brüstlein”, 1707 on loan from the Austrian National Bank

Violinist and violin teacher
Plays a Stradivari “The Brodsky” from 1702

violinist, violist and professor
Viola from Peter Erben

Interview "MK Online" dated 22/02/2014

student of Rostropowitsch and author of his own etude textbook

Conductor Ms Büsel,
Some of the young musicians play instruments from Peter Erben.

This workshop is very special: between knocking, sanding and filing, the sweet sounds of a violin flow through the air, a cello is being tuned, a viola is being tried out: the workshop of violin maker Peter Erben has a long tradition in Munich.


Repair gallery

Interview dated 18/03/2011 "Musik in Dresden"

Violist, Bratschenprofessor
Viola from Peter Erben

Does a musical instrument have a soul? Is there a perfect sound? The violist Tabea Zimmermann and violin maker Peter Erben investigated these questions.


Did you know that making violins is very difficult? They consist of over 70 individual pieces! A master violin maker needs around four weeks to complete an instrument. This is thus reserved for real experts.


violinist and founder “Musiktage Starnberg”

Following two months of work, violin maker Peter Erben completed a cello made from old wood from Munich Cathedral. A few coats of varnish are naturally still needed, but it can now be played.


The workshop presents itself...